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Grandpaw knows the importance of a balanced diet, and is currently in his kitchen producing a healthy selection of treats, made with Canadian sourced meat and veggies; all natural, no additives or preservatives. Each treat is a single ingredient, and Grandpaw samples them himself, ensuring quality and safety. 


Grandpaw has been a dog lover all his life (Grandma too!) passed down from his families love of German Shepherds. Though loving the breed, Grandpaw and Grandma preferred adopting dogs in need of homes. In 2014 he started making dehydrated 100% beef liver treats for his late dog adopted Petra; she had some health concerns and these were the only treats she could eat. This is where the story of Grandpaw's Treats began!

Grandpaw and Grandmaw currently have two dogs of their own, Barney & George, both adopted through Dog Bless Rescue. They now both enjoy their loving home,  running on the beach, and are part of the quality control and clean up crew in Grandpaw's Treats production!

Grandpaw sources the products primarily on Vancouver Island, and when not available, sources only quality Canadian, human grade meats and vegetables. Each flavour is single ingredient, with no additives or preservatives. 

Today you can find a  selection of these dog favorites in pet stores all over Vancouver Island, and in some stores on the mainland. Check the 'Stores' page of this website for stores near you!

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